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Individual as well as group coaching can provide support and encouragement for those who are interested in improving their personal and professional lives. Having traveled the path of success and sometimes more important, failure, Craig is positioned to provide some of the necessary insight that people may be interested in and looking for.

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One on One Engagements

Trust and authenticity are the foundation of a good coaching relationship. A coach who listens to understand rather than reply can be of great benefit. Introduction to coaching with Craig is usually facilitated by a no fee, no selling conversation. Key to the relationship is fit. Both parties have to be comfortable working with one another. Craig works with individuals in a number of different ways. Contact Craig if you're interested in discussing coaching.

Group Coaching

From time to time Craig offers the opportunity for group coaching on a specific subject which will usually last between 30 to 90 days. These can address performance skills, goal orientation, accountability and other areas. Group coaching also includes the assistance of group members addressing and discussing important topics to the group.

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